LACKLUSTRE? *Lunar New Year* Event in Pokemon GO! Shiny Darumaka NERFED & 7km Eggs

LACKLUSTRE? *Lunar New Year* Event in Pokemon GO! Shiny Darumaka NERFED & 7km Eggs

In today’s video: The 2023 Lunar New Years Event inPokémon GO! This one seems a bit off. Darumaka is meant to have a big event Shiny Boost, but it’s spawns have been NERFED big time! Darumaka quests are rare too. We go on an event grind. for the quests and to see if you should bother hatching 7km eggs for Shiny Riolu.
We also nab a few nundos and encounter a Galarian Zapdos from Daily Incense!
What are your thoughts on this latest event? Which path did you choose for the event bonus?

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