WTF!!😖 *PAINFUL* Moment of Master league in Pokemon go #pokemongo #masterleague #shorts

WTF!!😖 *PAINFUL* Moment of Master league in Pokemon go #pokemongo #masterleague #shorts

In Pokemon go Master league sometimes I got irritated by the pokemon go app and pokemon attack timinig. a very painful 😖 experience I expressed in this shorts as a wtf moment 😂 in Pokemon go.
The GO Battle League (Japanese: GOバトルリーグ GO Battle League), sometimes shortened to the GBL, is a feature in Pokémon GO which allows for competitive, online trainer battles. This was introduced by Niantic on January 28, 2020.[1] The GO Battle League takes course over a Battle League Season[2] so that the league can provide different tournaments, cups, and rewards each and every season. Only trainers who are above level 10 can participate.[3]

The cover logo for the GO Battle League
In April 2020, the GO Battle League Leaderboard was introduced to show the top 500 trainers in the world.[4]

Initially, players got five battle sets per day, and earned one more for each 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) walked.[2] This walking requirement has since been lifted due to the COVID-19 pandemic
The Great League was the first option out of the three Leagues introduced in the GO Battle League. The Great League only allows Pokémon with a CP (Combat Power) of 1,500 or lower to participate.[6] The Ultra League was the second League rolled out which only allows Pokémon with a CP no higher than 2,500.[7] The last League is called the Master League which has no limit on the number of CP a Pokémon has.[8] Starting from November 30, 2020, Pokémon can be powered up beyond level 40 using Candy XL, prompting a Master League Classic format where Pokémon powered up with Candy XL are excluded.[9]

Season 7 introduced the Great League Remix Cup where the top 10 most used Pokémon in the Great League were banned from competing.[10]

Season 8 introduced the Ultra League Remix Cup, and along with Great League Remix, banned Pokémon were expanded to the top 20.[11]

Season Interlude removed the Master League Classic.[citation needed]

Season 11 brought in the Little Cup remix where it banned four Pokémon, which are Bronzor, Cottonee, Deino and Kantoian Vulpix.

Cups are limited-time, usually themed formats that have limitations on participating Pokémon in addition to their CP. The first Cup introduced in the GO Battle League was the Premier Cup. The Premier Cup bans any Legendary and Mythical Pokémon and has a limit on CP depending on the ongoing League.[12][13] The second Cup was planned to be the Flying Cup, in which only Pokémon with Flying typing are allowed, and yet again, bans any Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. The participating Pokémon must have a CP under 1,500.[14] Season 4 introduced the Halloween Cup, which allows only Poison-, Ghost-, Bug-, Dark-, and Fairy-type Pokémon, excluding the Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. This is the first Cup where there is a restriction to the type of the participating Pokémon (the Flying Cup was the first Cup of this kind announced, but was delayed and actually held after the Halloween Cup). The Little Cup introduced in Season 5 was the first time where a CP limit (500) other than 1,500 and 2,500 was applied in Trainer Battles. The Kanto Cup from Season 5 introduced Pokémon region as a restriction. The Catch Cup from Season 5 introduced the catch time of Pokémon as a restriction. The Love Cup from Season 6 introduced the color of Pokémon (according to the Pokédex)[15] as a restriction. Season 7 introduced the Retro Cup,[16] Season 8 introduced the Element Cup,[17] Season 9 introduced the Little Jungle Cup[18] and Season 10 introduced the Sinnoh and Johto Cups respectively.
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CTA-IMAGE 遊ばなくなったアプリゲーム、 せっかく課金までしたのに、このまま アカウント削除するのは勿体ないな。。 て思った事ありませんか? そんなお悩みの方にフリマ感覚で 売買ができるサイトを紹介するよ。 もちろん、運営サイトを仲介しての取引だから安心、安全!取引中のサポートも充実しているから興味のある方は覗いてみてね。


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