Highest ELO on Season in Open Ultra League | Pokemon Go | GO Battle League

Highest ELO on Season in Open Ultra League | Pokemon Go | GO Battle League

Team Building Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m0HBfOYq0c&list=PLTj1DENU54eh7Acq29XmrFCgwyG66jo6Q

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About me: I am a pokemon go youtuber who focuses on PVP (GBL) located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My claim to fame is living 20 minutes away from fellow pokemon go creator and ottawa resident, PokeDaxi.

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This channel focuses on Go Battle League (GBL) for Pokemon Go. I provide teams, strategies, and tips for PVP in the Great League, Ultra League, and Master League.

Today is the start of the open ultra league and ultra league premier classic. Ultra League Premier Classic means 2500 CP, no legendary, and no XL Pokemon.

In this open ultra team I showcase the team that got me near veteran – Tapu Fini, Shadow Nidoqueen, and Pidgeot


CTA-IMAGE 遊ばなくなったアプリゲーム、 せっかく課金までしたのに、このまま アカウント削除するのは勿体ないな。。 て思った事ありませんか? そんなお悩みの方にフリマ感覚で 売買ができるサイトを紹介するよ。 もちろん、運営サイトを仲介しての取引だから安心、安全!取引中のサポートも充実しているから興味のある方は覗いてみてね。


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