*LEGACY* Shadow MEWTWO goes HYPER with the BEAM! | Master League | Pokémon GO Battle League

*LEGACY* Shadow MEWTWO goes HYPER with the BEAM! | Master League | Pokémon GO Battle League

We’ve seen Shadow Mewtwo before, but this time, we are running the legacy move Hyper Beam, possibly the rarest move set for this Pokémon. Joined by Melmetal and Mamoswine, this team is all level 40 and non-XL. How will it perform in a league dominated by XL and level 50 Pokémon?

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In this video we use a team consisting of:
Mamoswine | 15/15/14 | Powder Snow, Bulldoze, Avalanche
Melmetal | 15/15/14 | Thunder Shock, Rock Slide, Superpower
Mewtwo (Shadow) | 15/11/12 | Psycho Cut, Hyper Beam*, Psystrike*

* denotes Legacy move (may require Elite TM).

These battles were submitted to the channel by “Steveyrobo”


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0:00 – Intro
0:34 – PvPoke ratings
1:16 – Battle 1
3:04 – Battle 2
4:58 – Battle 3
6:37 – Battle 4
8:39 – Battle 5
10:04 – Battle 6
11:41 – Battle 7
13:22 – Battle 8
15:02 – Battle 9
16:35 – Battle 10
18:23 – Outro


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