OVER $100 FOR *SHINY AXEW* & SHUNDO CAUGHT AT POKEMON GO FEST 2022! w @Ian Waterfall @Masterful 27

OVER $100 FOR *SHINY AXEW* & SHUNDO CAUGHT AT POKEMON GO FEST 2022! w @Ian Waterfall @Masterful 27

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In today’s video: It’s time for the full Pokémon GO Fest 2022 weekend video! Packed full of Shiny Pokémon like Karrablast, Numel & Axew! Also some fantastic features from @Ian Waterfall @Masterful 27 & @nukemz too!
Both Saturday & Sundau of the global GoFest we a full on grind for me, pulling in over 50 Shiny Pokemon over the 2 days!

How did you on the event?
Apologies for the delay in getting this video up! My Macbook Pro failed the export 2 times over 36 hours.

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