Pokemon GO Esports with Zyonik & Caleb Peng I GBL Season Update I WORLDS I Make Money with GO I

Pokemon GO Esports with Zyonik & Caleb Peng I GBL Season Update I WORLDS I Make Money with GO I

Welcome back for another amazing episode of the Third Shield Pokemon Go PVP Podcast! We have @ZyoniK & @Caleb Peng joining us for an amazing Pokemon Esports Talk!

0:00 Welcome Caleb & Zyonik
1:59 The Announcement of Pokemon Esports
5:30 They Never Gonna Hire Pokemon Players!
6:29 Zyonik & Caleb Keeping Secrets
7:39 Are the Regionals Capped to Certain Players?
11:49 The Numbers Were Amazing!
16:25 Sac Swap of the Tournament
17:04 The Current State of the Game
20:49 What we NEED from the NEW SEASON
22:37 WORLDS is the Event!
27:31 The Time Has Come for Pokemon Go
29:33 Big Money to Be Made as a Player
31:41 What are Your Plans!?
37:45 Did you ever think of Pokemon GO as Esports?
41:11 Virtual Glasses!?
45:10 How I learned to Play – Zyonik
46:07 Get a Coach and Improve

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