This Togekiss Team DESTROYS The Go Battle Ultra League in Pokemon GO Battle league

This Togekiss Team DESTROYS The Go Battle Ultra League in Pokemon GO Battle league

Ultra league team for pokemon go. Using Togekiss , Alolan Muk and Venusaur
Today in this video gyzz i am going to show you this togekiss team is the INVINCIBLE team in pokemon go battle league.


0:00 Intro
0:46 vs Goodra , Cresselia and Escavalier
2:37 vs Sirfetch’d , Swampert and Venusaur
4:02 vs Cresselia , Obstagoon and Clefable
5:54 vs Granbull , Melmetal and Torterra
7:39 vs Obstagoon , Lapras and Togekiss
9:14 vs Venusaur , Machamp and Gyarados
10:24 vs Shadow Walrein , Pidgeot and Shadow Swampert
11:58 vs Alolan Muk , Swampert and Giratina Altered
13:39 vs Gardevoir , Togekiss and Kyurem
14:56 vs Swampert , Excadrill and Gyarados
16:38 vs Sirfetch’d , Typhlosion and Bravivary
18:02 vs Snorlax , Machamp and Altered Giratina

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