Walrein Community Day – Icicle Spear // Pokemon Go PvP

Walrein Community Day – Icicle Spear // Pokemon Go PvP

We finally have the statistics for Icicle Sphear and are releasing the Spheal Community Day video. The first Community Day of 2022 is tomorrow, Sunday, Jaunary 16th! From 11:00am – 5:00pm your local time you can evolve a Spheal to get a Walrein that knows the exclusive Community Day move Icicle Sphear. You can also get 3x XP for catches during these hours, so pop an egg for extra XP if you’re still looking to level up!

Master Spleen is joined by TalonFlo and the two analyze Walrein’s (and Sealeo’s) wins and losses in all three Go Battle Leagues, as well as offers some insight into different match ups.

Thanks to TalonFlo for his contributions, make sure to give him a follow on his channels!

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