Triple SHADOW team with *LEGACY* Rock Slide OMASTAR | Kanto Cup | Pokemon GO Battle League PVP

Triple SHADOW team with *LEGACY* Rock Slide OMASTAR | Kanto Cup | Pokemon GO Battle League PVP

In this video we take a look at 2 sets of battles in Season 9 of the Pokemon GO Battle League (GBL) in the Great League Kanto Cup featuring Shadow Omastar, Shadow Beedrill and Shadow Nidoqueen.

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GO Battle League Submissions:

In today’s video we are shout casting a triple shadow team in the Kanto Cup featuring Shadow Omastar with the legacy move Rock Slide. This move can only be obtained by using an Elite Charge TM. These battles were submitted to the channel by ‘ErnestoNarv’ and take place in the 2900 ELO range.

Triple shadow teams are becoming extremely popular in these final weeks of the season, they are not only fun to use but also make for quick sets which allow you to speed run through your sets. The team being featured in today’s video is not one we would recommend as it is very weak to Psychic in the back but does not operate in a traditional ABB style since Omastar is also not a hard counter to the weakness of the back line. Despite this, this trainer is able to pull off some very impressive wins and push towards 3000 ELO in these submitted battles.

Overall this is a very spicy team that is not necessarily recommended for climbing in the Kanto Cup, however it does do a good job in showcasing the power of Shadow Omastar and it is definitely a Pokemon worth considering for investment if you have one available, as well as the Elite TM for Rock Slide. It would be tough to recommend using this Pokemon without Rock Slide which is arguably it’s best move for PvP.

In this video we use a team consisting of: Shadow Omastar (Mud Shot, Rock Slide*, Hydro Pump), Shadow Beedrill (Poison Jab, Drill Run*, X-Scissor) & Shadow Nidoqueen (Poison Jab, Earth Power, Poison Fang).

* denotes Legacy move (may require Elite TM).


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0:00 – Intro
1:13 – vs Hypno, Lapras, Nidoqueen
3:09 – vs Alolan Marowak, Hypno, Lapras
4:56 – vs Alolan Marowak, Shadow Machamp, Shadow Lapras
6:15 – vs Lapras, Hypno, Pidgeot
8:07 – vs Ninetales, Shadow Hypno, Shadow Machamp
9:48 – vs Alolan Raichu, Hypno, Alolan Muk
11:30 – vs Lickitung, Shadow Machamp, Beedrill
12:59 – vs Lapras, Shadow Machamp, Alolan Muk
14:34 – vs Pidgeot, Lickitung, Mew
16:33 – Outro


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