Build this Strong Team [Pokemon Go Battle League]

Build this Strong Team [Pokemon Go Battle League]

Build this Strong team in Pokemon Go Battle League! I highly recommend this Master League Premier Classic Team! It is super strong! The original story of this team creation was that iSpan an amazing content creator and semi-decent PVP player came on to my stream and suggested this team. So right off the bet, I said OK! Let’s Do it!

One big thing to point out. With the current Master League Premier Classic Meta, you might want to use a Gyarados with Waterfall. You do not need to Elite TM it to have Dragon Tail! The meta has shifted by now and everyone is using Double Steel or Ground Pokemon.

Make sure to check out iSpan here:

0:00 The Team by iSpan
2:45 Togekiss Lead
5:09 Mamoswine Lead
7:15 Togekiss Lead
9:40 Togekiss again

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